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----- | L'Orchestre Sympathique (1976-1985)

L'OS à La Grande Passe

L'OS Montreux: Détroit


1976 à 1985 François Richard flûte , piano and composition / Jean Vanasse vibraphone, marimba and composition

L'OS represented Québec and Canada in United Stated and in nine european countries giving more than 150 concerts a year during nine years.

L'Orchestre Sympathique was founded by François Richard (flûte)
Jean Vanasse
(vibraphone) and Mathieu Léger (drums) in 1976.

First concert at Conventum Sanguinet street in 1976, playing bass, Claude Chapleau

First concert under the name of L'OS or Orchestre Sympathique december 1976 with Christopher Fleschner on the bass.

1977 arrival of Warren Stolow on the bass till 80

1980 arrival of Jacques Laurin on bass

1981 first european tour Allemagne, Belgique,
------- Danemark, France, Hollande, Luxembourg, Suisse.

1982 arrival of Éduardo Pipman on drums.

1982 july, opening of the Montreal International Jazz
------- Festival at St-Denis Theater

1982 arrival of Wayne Smith on double bass and l'OS
------- return to Europe till 1985

1982 arrival of Xavier Crochet french drummer and
------- Michel Saulnier a french double bass player

1982 arrival of George Brown (US) on drums, replaced
------- six months later by Philippe Hallert (belgium)

1983 January arrival of Bruno Tocanne on drums
------- (France) till the end in 1985.

1979 L'OS FIJM first edition
L'OS in 1979
1979 L'OS at la Grande Passe
L'OS in 1981
L'OS 1981 Amsterdam
François Richard, Jean Vanasse, Mathieu Léger and Jacques Laurin
The Composers in Amsterdam 1981
L'Os 1982 François Richard, Jacques Laurin
Jean Vanasse and Eduardo Pipman
L'Os 1982 in Brussels
Xavier Crochet, François Richard, Wayne Smith, Jean Vanasse
1982 Canadian Cultural Center in Paris
Jean Vanasse and François Richard
L'OS 1983 Pont Neuf Paris
François, Michel, Jean and Bruno